Screenshot_1.jpgDay 27 – 1682 words

…before I even realized it, I passed 50k words. I was thinking tomorrow or after tomorrow. Mixed feelings.  Happy to not have that pressure of 1,666 1,666 1,666 over me , but it’s like now what? I know what, I can always go above the 50 but the excitement of the full bar is already there. Now the engineering, and digging begins. To sort out the rubble.
It’s a milestone thank God, and I’m  wondering how to celebrate it.



Day 14 – 1,677 words

Tough. Left too much for later and ended up on youtube at night. The process has become a chore.  A routine. Like the dishes, but it gets fun once you’re on a roll.
The problem is giving up hope, and telling yourself it’s okay. It’s okay that you have 500 words left that you could have done but you didnt; at the same time it’s not okay to forget about it and act like watching youtube videos is just as important. I ended up with leftovers for the next morning

Day 15 – 1,723 words

So the next morning was delayed a bit. There were lists to make, leftovers to use up, fridges to clean, and other blocks. Knowing that didnt help at all. I managed to type away most of it in the morning and finished it, no more no less. Losing the secure of about 1,000 words. Need to begin adding again. Finished before night. Procrastinated looking for Ipads and other less-important stuff, but managed to fit in abour 200 words…
In bed, on ipad.

Day 16 – 1,704 words

Woke up at 5 and squeezed in a bit more to prepare and warm up for the sunrise sprint. Managed to reach the 1,000s. During breakfast and a baby-sitting session which included sitting outside and swing-pushing, I managed to type out another few hundreds. Finished in the morning! (alh).

——————————-HALF WAY————————————–

Already past the middle of the month and I’ve been resisting to touch the outline and edit as I go. Instead of feeling proud that I’m done with my words and move on to youtube, I really should use that time to go through the outline -the spine- and set up solid professions and backstories, produce more scenes, and continue on the journey of decisions.
I’m probably going to regret not taking advantage of this during the actual writing process. I’ll be left with a pile of work. Certain decisions will lead the story into a certain direction, sometimes one little change will drive it down a whole different road.
Which. I could’ve managed on a daily basis.
Perfectionism in disguise.




DAY 12 – 1,700
Started out good. Still ahead of time by 1 1/2 days . . . Night time I couldn’t get anything out. So I finished off the next morning. Not impressed with the gaming sessions scenes. Very stale and hollow. I couldn’t keep up: how progressed should he be?

    “Nick hushed him “ We’re not playing” he said “were working”. Munir grinned and winked back at Adam who stood over them. I just want to kill that monster. “Let’s play multi” he said “multi”

DAY 13 – 1,730
Morning was finishing off yesterdays leftovers. Woke up at 5, and got 20 minutes in the dark to type away. It helped; first thing in the morning. Considered sleeping in, but got up and typed. I was on to some good things. Happy with Adam’s food habits scenes.

     “Adam sat with one leg crossed, tugging at his toenails. He leaned in “Did you try these?” he asked the French doctor, who slumped in his chair. His top teeth showed whenever he stared at Adam’s movements and when he laughed and when he didn’t.”



Day 11

Highest wc so far!.

I’m pleased with the progress today. But last night’s before bed writing streak helped me a lot, and then in the morning I sat, and sat, and sat.
Feeling a bit lacking in exercise. I don’t like the idea of sitting for too long, but that seems to be the way to get it all down and done with.
I think a big help is to write last thing in the night (as in: Pajaamas on, lights down, lenses off, hot water bottle in), because there’s something stress relieving about that and it helps the words pour out. And to write the first thing in the morning (an hour away from breakfast) – no disturbance, fresh relaxed mind, less distracted…
I need to really pay attention to editing the outline, and moving, chopping, fixing things around, while it’s still not tooo much to handle. It’s way easier to deal with it now, once I’d done enough (?) writing.

An excerpt: “Aziz knew it. He wasn’t coming back to apologize. To give, to donate him money. He puffed and threw a rock on the damaged cart besides them. “This is family is it?” “



Day 10

Drained out 2,023 words.
Managed to fit in the leftovers of yesterdays and tomorrows word counts. Saturday so I didn’t have much time in the middle of the day. I think this scene needs to be diverted into another direction – going off track a bit with the characters. 1) They’re doing things that doesn’t go with other parts of the story. 2) not every scene I outline necessarily deserves 1,666 words.

I feel like I’m just adding in bits to find some depth, and make space to be able to see the picture from far.
I think it works to split the writing in two: 500-700 night before, and the rest before the sun comes up.

Day 8-9 NanoWr – Reflections J.


Day 8
Juust made it to 1,671 words
I’m definitely finding it harder to grind out words and make things up in the past 2 days, compared to the beginning. I guess the novelty has worn out. I’m trying to keep an order of beginning,middle, end; as well as character development.The outline is obviously in need of maintenance and it only becomes more apparent with each day. I also feel like I’m running out of scenes/chapter ideas since I merged a lot (seemed too insignificant to write a whole 1,666 words on). So I’m trying to decide what’s more important to spend 1,666 words on.
No doubt I feel an amount of weight off my shoulders when I force myself into gliding mode. I’m not brave enough to just dump everything that comes to mind into the chapters (that’s for the warm up sessions), because the more trash there is, the more cleaning up has to be done;  I’m sure later on I’ll thank myself. Anyway, I’m trying to train myself to drive into crazy directions for 2 sentences and let unrelated situations happen, then snap back to topic. That turns me upside down and I can see things differently . . . instead of staring into the screen or “researching”.)

Day 9
Feeling happy with myself today. I strapped myself to the seat in the early morning before anyone woke up (the light was even on by the time I reached the end and realised!). I didn’t sleep that early last night so I was considering sleeping in, but resisted . The fact that I pushed through gave me extra motivation to begin a new scene with an extra 400 words. It’s the most I’ve done within a day so far!


Days 2-7 NanoWr – Reflections J. 2018


Day 2
Managed to squeeze in 1,704 by 7:21 pm. I was a little more busy today than day 1 and couldn’t use my laptop, so I tried to continue on my phone and Ipad, fitting in bits whenever I could. I find that having breaks definitely works better, because while I’m not facing the screen I can imagine and plan a whole lot more. Still though, when I push through the rustiness and just keep typing, I can dig out a whole lot surprising scenes.

I really want to pass the minimum and reach 2000/3000 some days. That’s my goal.

Day 3
The weekend: Just managed to fit in writing today. I started to make things up at the end. Tired by the end of the day, and my creativity is just hanging on. 1,692 words updated.

Day 4
Today went smoother than yesterday. I managed to finish earlier in the day and to not leave any left-overs for the night/evening, which is a big relief. Feeling like I’ve accomplished something (whatever that is) actually made me feel more creative and want to write on. So I think (for me), the earlier done, the better.

I also made a word doc learning log where I’m documenting all my accountability posts. Might find it useful some day.

Day 5.
1,900 words.
I was about 500 words away from 1,666, when I thought I’d give my mind a break and finish in the afternoon; I got pushed by a sprint to finish off with a brain dump (or a lot of nonsense) which actually produced some slight sense. Once I reach the daily goal, I slack a bit, but I’m sure I could keep going. I just think that I could use that time to work on the outline/scenes etc.

When I outlined I just threw in scenes between main events at the last minute  and now I’m trying to sift through (there’s definitely more than 30) and decide which should be merged/deleted or expanded on. Trying to keep organised and stay on track with the story’s main concept, while keeping the other characters’ personalities consistent is also a challenge. I feel like the idea I’m trying to explore and the premise/theme are a strange combination. The framework needs some renovation.  Not so much the actual writing, but the organising, and the decisions are what I’m finding challenging. So of course, I hardly feel like that after writing. I just want to relax :)

Other challenges: sitting for long periods (I start to fidget), sore neck, early mornings…

Day 6
1,494 words.
On schedule in the morning, but left 200-300 for laterr. Later came and I just couldn’t push myself to complete it ( seriously, for first time this week), but I guess it’s still not midnight yet. Felt bad. Tiredom and procrastination. I should go do it :)

Hit 10,000 and got a badge
Piece of advice for today: CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE, even if it’s a trip to the kitchen and back.

Day 7
Rusty starts. Lots of points where I didn’t know where I was going, so I had to pause and re-think what I’m supposed to be discovering in this scene –Setting, certain characteristics, Development?. Just nearing the finishing line I took up a sprint with two others, and that boosted me up to 100 words to the end.

Should MC be that curious, or that naïve? How would those decisions affect the whole spine of the story, and so on.

Still haven’t gone beyond my daily goal.