Prompt – 2 Take Ten (Out Cold)

I was in a bottle when I first saw it. It was beautiful, big and funny. The worst part about it all is that the apple im talking about is 10 years old, but still offers some tranquility to the mind. I was out of tube by the time it awoke. The funny thing is that apple was the best thing I’d seen running around the house in my life. But I was asleep, or was I awake? Either way I was in a bottle and no one knew. So after that apple was awoken I tried to hide my bruises that were caused by the big fat banana from the other room. The nasty thing, it made me do it. It made me create all those blurbs on my elbow. I like it because its nicer than the apple, but it had a peel so I couldn’t see whats inside. Was it rotten, was it new, was it out of commission? Who knew? I rose every night only to see mr.mole come through at 11 with his bottle, wait another bottle? Was there another me in it? I couldn’t see but it looked like a stupid sticker was covering that so I just forgot he ever brought in a bottle that night, but the weird occurrences that happened that night wasn’t to do with the other bottle, but more to do with mr,mole and his packet of cigarettes and jelly beans. Something nasty was emanating from them and I didn’t know. I was scared, I was covered, I could only see what was going on out there by the little cut in the cider vingera sticker on the outside of my bottle. I began to imagine things. What if someone threw me in the bin? What if it was that I was taken to the garbage disposal and crushed, what would it feel to be out in the world again? I was scared. But I loved the outside world so I just kept humming to myself and wiping the dust and dew that built on my outside. I could breathe here, I could see here, I loved it here. But did I really love it? Or was it just a dream? Banana, apple and mr mole were my entertainment through the day and at night it was tibbu the fat old cat who loved the smell of an old milk bottle that was thankfully closed. He hated the thought of banana and apple, he wasn’t vegetarian unfortunately for me. So I adjusted my tone and started to sing , sing a song I once song to them, my people, I loved who thought I was dead, but I was stuck in a bottle of milk. I laughed at the thought of anyone trying to rescue me, they needed to rescue themselves first. But I loved mr mole, I wanted his pack of jellybeans so bad and I knew they would never make their way to me so I cleaned my room up and disabled internet connection so I could never ever see the outside world again and then I collected the dust that grew on the outsides of me and fed it to a bee fly that loved me the most thing in its world. At least I meant something to that, at least. He was kind nice and a little too curious for his own good.

I was in a little glove when I was just about to be touched by a mean looking boy with freckles and a bruised nose. I was shivering from the November cold of east London before realising anything, and then all of a sudden I was back in use, he was going to throw me! So I had to ready myself, I knew and either hated or loved the point of impact so I had to adjust my temples and little fingers so that when I impacted and hit number 4 I wouldn’t get hurt, I missed this a lot of times so I couldn’t  do it again this time, so I just ran my fingers across glove who was there for me the entire time and began my preparation for release. Big freckle bruised nose threw me with a big force and I hit 4 who was sitting there with his nose up, a little boy around the age of 5 and I kept hearing bees, it was bees was it bees? but anyway, 4 hit the ground at just about the same time I did, and we lay there besides each other, 4’s face was bruised just like frecklebignose’s  so I did feel a bit of sorrow for my previous holder frecklefacebignose so I lay there waiting for another human to come pick me up but what surprised me was how 4 lay there for too longer than normal, his eyes shut, and he looked a bit blue. I was worried, had I killed him? Or was he just acting like the 4 he is. I awaited and awaited, but what seemed to be 5 minutes a big black man arrived with a pack of ice and two big kidneys, I was worried, was it the kidneys that he was going to insert in 4 or was he just going to put ice on his face, but I thought and felt that I did the damage I should do something, but I couldn’t I had no arms, no feet or even any muscles to get up and say something, say sorry, or anything, I could just lie there and wait for someone to pick me, up,, was it my fault? I never knew, I wish I knew but I knew, knowing, I just lay there while big black man put the boy on his shoulder and took him away, he was unconscious and I was half the cause for it, I hit him and that’s the only purpose I had ,just when I was about to go to sleep a little petty flower passed by singing, she said he would be okay and that it wasn’t my fault but how did she know, how did she know I didn’t want to do that, so and then she smiled and flew away, I sat there watching the ambulance, paramedics, parents, big nose freckle face pour over 4 and I watched helplessly, until a little 3 came by and screamed to a big 24 “MUMMY I FOUND IT”. I shivered, it was all going to start over again, and I hated that. I liked it when I just lay there, under the bushes, hidden and no one saw me and used me for their own vengeance, entertainment and laughs. He was only a kid I know that, but it hurt. I just suppressed my tears that might have looked like water from the puddle I was in, but he wouldn’t know that. He wouldn’t know that I cry, he wasn’t even thinking of me as a thing before he picked me up, but this one didn’t throw me – just put me in his pocket and I stayed there for another few hours. Before that I was a little white ball, but now I’m a little white ball in a pocket of a kid that lived on earth that I don’t know that I’m saying and then the time was up and I had to stop typing so I just cried and laughed and ate 4 cookies with a big elephant man-clown.


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