Prompt – 3 Take Ten (Spoonerisms)

When you blow your nose make sure to have a tissue available, because you know how things can get a little messy if you don’t’. Boogers aren’t the best things flying about and let alone yours, you little big nosed elephant head. You know your mum once told me that she hated it when I coughed, or blew my nose, but now she says she thinks she was overreacting, that’s what I told my son once. He hissed and laughed at me thinking I was making it up, considering his mother was always not the most fussy person or ladylike person we knew. It was actually funny cause he knew how to do it as well, blow his nose – but when he did it his tissue was broken and a bit of booger came out on to pa who was sitting eating his omelette the last Friday afternoon.  It’s allright cause mat is like me, yeah father like son. Anyway from now on you never do that to your mother son I told him, but he thought I was stupid, he’ll see I guess. I like the outdoors but it used to be great going out with the wifey until something funny happened last night. It was a dark moon and the blowing of trees was alerting us that a storm was coming, we were parked near a bay out shore California. But I guess that’s what happens when you live in a city like proilikka and you havta watch out of those things, if you know what I mean, but anyway we didn’t have a great time and things didnt turn out how we expected or so, but she was never the one to be so irrulsive about things like that. So we made up our minds to never tell mother anything and that’s how it all turned out. Like a booger, just hanging in there nothing to see, nothing to do, it was quite funny cause it was never like that before with lil matt. He loved his mother and now it was turning out weird and all but yeah, I tought him how to do it and I was like son:: this is how you know your blows. Of course he was being a lil matt he once was and so he didn’t like the drive I took him on either. Just like his mother. Doesn’t like no drives and no tissues and so I took him out for the game the other day and I was ready to teach him some stuff my ol cheese had tought me but nope, he doesn’t like games either, or fishing, and that’s important to me, you know me, how I am with all the fishing and activities. He loves surfing but I tried to teach him that. Son, you’ll never understand me if you keep hanging on to your mother and boogers, so I tried. I’ll keep trying I guess, but you need to open that closed minded head of yours and maybe shut your mouth for a great balance. Im going to teach you one thing and that im sure of, if God wills of course. You gona learn how to do it like a tiger. If you know what I mean son. So this is quite different to blowing your nose, son. This is the real world, out of pallrtickia and out of your mothers house, this is the real world. I said , he just never listens  though, So this is how it’s done.. never mind, its difficult I said. I looked down and solemnly consolated with my silence. I just began to say that’s what happens when you know your blows..


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