Prompt – 4 Take Ten (A House Divided)

Words: self-service; shrink-wrap; sign-in; soft-spoken;straight-laced

She spoke in her voice she used on me lately. “”will you come with me?”” no I couldn’t I had to decide. A Sarah wanted me to come as well, he wanted me to go with him to the nearby shop to pick up some buoys for fishing in the late afternoon. I knew that Joe and Hannah didn’t get along as I did with each of them. I knew hananh hated the beach and joe loved it. Hannah wanted us to go to the hotel she wanted to sign in in . I was scared, I didn’t like those kinds of places, full of posh self-laced people who looked down on country folks like me, maybe joe felt that way as well. I wasn’t sure who to decide to go with. It wasn’t until the afternoon that I decided to choose to go with Hannnah, I was always going to fish accecories shops, but this might just be a once in a lifetime thing to do – and with Hannah! .  I could tell joe to delay it to the evening  but would be a bit too late to go a get back by the time night falls. I pulled Hannah off to a place no one could see us and I told her that id go with her, and she was so happy I wasn’t sure what to wear, this was going to be terrible but terrible wasn’t so bad as a memory, something to laugh about was always good. We left at 2 in the afternoon, cutting the hills and grassy wheat fields, it was going to be a long walk but me and Hannah had our headphones so that wasn’t going to be a problem, I didn’t talk much but she was a chatterbox so I just put on my headphones and slid my beanie on to cover the evidence and let her chatter a way while I listenend. It took us hours gorossning the grassy fields, we passed a few surfers on their way to surf the afternoon waves and a fisherman and a little boy all who smiled politely and made their way – it was sucha  peaceful place, no ladies screaming or men shouting, no naughty kids running past stealing or tripping you, I liked it. The hotel was still another 2 hours far away before we reached it, and then when we arrived there was all these fancy people and their fancy cars sitting outside, it was huge and youcould see the glass just shining form the strong reflection of the sun. I had to go to the toilet so I noted that to be the first thing id do when we got there. Hannah laughed at that and made her way to the reception to sign me in. The toilets were like a five star lounge for me coming from a grumy old tent and stinfy fish. I just looked at myself in the mirror for 5 minutes I was a mess, I washed my face and cleaned myself up a bit to look a bit reasonable. I did what I had to do and made my way back to Hannah. We made up our mind that we’d go straight to the bouffea and eat, we were hungry to the hollow pits of our hungry tummies. We admired all the big fish and seafoods and yummy deserts it was magnificent, they were all wrapped up in what looked like shrink wrap but that was actually plastic wrap, couldn’t tell could i!.


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