Prompts – (A Cow, Like a Butterfly, It Stares at me, Your boat)

A cow passed by my window a minute ago, didn’t say hi, invite it in for tea. Feeling zealous I followed it the next day to what seemed like a little green house with yellow daisies hanging from the window. Barking was loud, and three arrogant men in overalls sat on the wall looking at me. You might say don’t be too quick to judge but if I told you why I call them arrogant you would disagree with me. There was a petite rat on the table when I got home which gave me the sense that wife was back so I held in a deep breath not ready to smell her strong perfume causing me a to go into a dizzy mode. The nights were cold when she was out I admit but that’s about it, she was like a remote control for the oven to me. Two days ago things were different however, when she changed into those orange pajamas she changed so much I detest her now

Like a butter fly, she magically sprang into the air and excitedly bounced up and down in slow motion, the birds clearing the space for her as she tore through the clouds and ripple, got the attention of little fingers pointing towards her making her inside tickle. The red on her wing mirrored the red sand underneath as she tore through wild bushes and forests on fire. She was beginning to heat up and maybe even cry petrol or lose her propellers as she began to witness babies and mothers jumping from trees, and little boys waving and then she saw a bear in pink overalls. Watches, watches, and little people are climbing the place, too many people… little people, people wrapped up, big people clutching on to her and the dark coming by on a big train with 3 poles and a few holes. I will not do that she screamed, but they took her away, they attached her and injected things inside her body and she failed to smile her fake smile… because this was nothing she could handle but and then i dont know little clouds began to envelope everyone and the crying began.

It stares at me and I try to look away to avoid it. Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact. Everywhere I look you’re there ready to jump on to my back and clutch onto me the whole day burdening me. Leave me alone is what I want to tell you but you’re not listening, you just want attention you want to get done but don’t worry I will probably come to your attention and then hate you and then derive off to something else

Walking down the stairs my phone vibrates. On the screen “your boat has arrived” What was I to do I had to cook lunch for my father. It would be irresponsible of me to just leave or ask my mother to take over. So what did I do!? I hooked up my iPhone 5 on the charger and even made myself a peanut butter sandwich with that white, browned flour bread. I turned on the water to boil and sat on the bench . ON the bench like a surfer would on the beach. My phone. It Vibrates again “your crops are ready to harvest”


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