Trees, Spinach & Micky


I said I was hiding behind a tree, and I saw it all. I can’t see everything but I saw what happened that night, what went on exactly, and then I don’t know what to say except they didn’t see me. Micky for one, wasn’t present that night, he had to go to a bathtub festival to sell his shampoos and soap pops. I wasn’t aware that he would take so long but I didnt wait for him I just slid down the tree and watched them do what they did – awful- that night. I wasn’t scared they’d see me , that wasn’t why i was hiding im no spy, but they didn’t see me because they weren’t even looking. They laughed, tied him up and left him there. Their laughs and high pitched voices still rang in my mind that morning make it seem like it was still night. Micky mouse came the night after and he slithered up the three ropes I had put as a trap he s too smart and knows me too much to know my tricks. he yelled at me at 3 in the morning and i twitched and hated every bit of him that night, but as always we hugged and rubbed each others hair afterwards because thats what friends do. I stopped him from cooking up a storm or turning his soap machine into a bath he got mad and ran away so i had to go looking for him only tp find him upset and crying in a old people’s shelter home eating spinach and fried prawns. Micky dont go there, we’ve been there too many of times and i dont want to see this again. I pulled him by his long braided hair to our tree and pulled him up it  as well – because that’s what he needed – i was going to shake him into some sense. MICKY, why. You never ever gave me the chance was his answer… You think this is about spinach, or your silly soap machine i screamed after settling him down on my wooden bench. his head bent down in shame and he wept, and wept the entire night or what was left of the night. By morning I was done with his nonsense, it was time to leave, and he wasn’t coming with me this time. I needed a new tree house, one I could hide behind and cook my spring onions without a worry of the late night bandits coming to look for his spinach but thats what you get when you loot. Micky would find me, like he always did and then I would carry him in my mouth by the scruff of his neck like a mother would do to her kitten and try to get rid of him.. like pick him up whilst asleep and carry him dragging him all the way to roogetvillle where he would be able to get some sale for his soaps and i would be able to eat spinach without having it fried… ut that’s what i did, and yet, micky found me the next day… I thought I heard him purring – made me mad i wanted to shake him, does he not get i dont like him even if he buys me little black shoes. I was surprised to his reaction one night though, the night the bandits came to pick mangoes off my neighbouring tree,, he didn’t cry or eat spinach.. he growled. I think that’s when i realised how pathetic this all is and was… and then I stopped writing.


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