Fried eggs mixed with cabbage or some unwieldy smell, which it partially is. It hides in the cracks of the ac and gets its way through like Nemo when he tries to clog the tank filter. U always pointed a finger at that as a could-be-cause for Z’s death before birth, the sudden heart attacks of some work men in the area, miscarriege, and childless couples.That should send a chill down anyone’s back. And who is there to care about health anyway.
Of course, what can be smelt must be better than that that cannot be smelt. UO’s hands were caused by pollution back in her land, people got sick and all sorts of diseases spread. She’s gone, can still picture the shaky thick cut fingers. But again, who was there to care. Whoever is behind it can only say sorry by that stage, seek forgiveness.
We can only accept God’s will and wisdom, since we don’t have an answer to the question why, most of the time – until you realise it later on and say Thank God!.


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