Life & Balloons


Life in this world is like when you’re about to leave home for your exam classes, you’ll most likely not be on the couch watching tv. Your little brother with his Mars bar comes by you watching you as you sit there on your bed sweating, then back to the mirror,’then back to that piece of paper, you don’t even feel like eating – nervous you are as you wait for the bus.

Put comfort and familiarity aside.
this lifeboat like a dream, if I told you to wake up, and that everything you’ve been told is false you wouldn’t believe me. The evil is good and the good aware evil. I tell you, I’m going to push you off the boat into cold water and you would be better there, a lot safer. Sweet is poison, and sweat is medicine. but I’m going to have to tell you it’s not a paved, road, not a highway. It’s straight but it’s bumpy, hot in the mid day cold at night sometimes, scorpions might come out, but there aren’t a lot of people. they all took the highway.


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