Non Essence


Thick legs with a little orange dress she hobbles with those fat thighs everywhere and then a n annoying boy picks her up and puts her down, again; picks her up and puts her back down. She seems to be annoyed with him and her older sister who love her but pick her up a lot. No one realises she chews on her cubes and a bit of salty stuff pours down and likcs that too but never the less no one notices and then a big fat man in a filly boots comes with ice cream in his hand for the little ones. Sun shines and moon can be seen fat our in the blue sky but no one notices besides this little girl and her father who sees it on his kinky boat bubbling on  the coast tangier. He has purple hair and a tortoise who makes him lunch but no on notices that. Fingers fingers everyhere unconcentrated students looking out to grassy filekld sand everyone busy wit h white foreheads and brown hair falling down on to the red eyes, dazzled and happy from a satisfying night yesterday where they ticked things off their list but who knows not me! Maybe we should sail the sea far away to the other ocean and green banks of golf flowers where our mothers would wait for thei precious kidney beans. And light but as the boats take off from their spot. The orange flowered girl puts a toy gun to her mouth, chews. Boy 7 saddens about such and grabs it . Orange lilliy dress chanes to pink, but it’s a girl. Who knows when words are turned upside down and we look nowhere for the results of our tests. I don’t know why but shes too fat and then no no no no no no no no no no oo9 rings bells from different memoried picked up on the way and horses who run the rgrassy fields pretending to have on their back owners and empty baskets of orange picking stuff. Dusty suffocating flowers that used to be a flower but turn into dust stand in pride and watch us all disturb their eancestors ORANGE merry go around cars are old but he smiles and gently steers. Lights light up on an octopus that looks just as grumpy as the atmosphere. Writing words is hard and it seems otherwise. Having a nice font helps though, he just figured that out. Words have been around for so long. But practise, practise practise. Night time is smooth, like apple juice… the heat, the steam. Like apple juice it comes together in a cakey way. Weight helps to see how you progress but no, that is not the way to a healthier leaner figure. You need to change the way you think and create good habits that might overwrite that old ones. Purple mountain makes me goose bumbpy and huge computers and nice to look into, like a real window you look out and see the happy cooks baking tofu and , never mind, you ! oh, yes another cup .. wise coffee, coffee, for the wise. It depends what you do with your tool. You can use it to benefit, or you can use it in a bad way – most are, what do I do? Then. Now?.. maybe later.

Oh okay..

Soft orange bells give away dancing on top of the heads that sat upright trying to eat their fists. , and the see-through curtain is drawn closed. Most days the more you write the more options open up to you; Just like folders in the windows system, I thought. System23, file299,.  That’s good!

Shuffle, Shuffle, no more clothes to give away. You supposed to give away things you like; that is a word in Arabic called. It doesn’t exist in English.  Latin. Latin maybe. Never once thought a student ; I may be there in 15 years time, trying. Dark usuallt comes earlier than the people realised. They would be too busy frying their petrol, or diesel if youre French. It doesn’t matter. And then the sun sets – why didn’t I do this earlier.

She fell down in happiness pulling up her dress – that face of breathtaken confusion spread out across suttle skin. Fat rings gathered around her elbows she tackled him to the ground and they both break up in tearful laughs. kids.


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