Non Essence 1

Time: 10 Min
Type: Freestyle Warmup (Birds)

Birds are nasty when they are cooked with beef and lamnb that is why I never cook them. But guess what it doesn’t matter because 7 chickens don’t like to lay eggs with each other and that is why we never hatch them around in our farm, because the parents leave them behind just like the moon leaves the sky in the last of the month, but we can all do it together. Maybe if we go to the beach we could all swim in the sun but that’s how writing works, no it is better. When we first met them we were sitting in the living room and that’s how it works. The guests sit in the living room and they look a t the painitings like mr bean, except that  they don’t make a mess. Birds arre like a beautiful swallow that goes deep down. Lights of the night take time to breath in and then cupcakes are good as well to have with coffee because I don’t know why, maybe theyre not so good. Fiji is a land and land is expensive. Like a bird in the cage that has nowhere to go, we need to think think think, you see birds are a little small, but they fly unlike you. Diaries are good, waking up late is not , and missing the morning beauty is sad. A walk is nice but 10 minutes is not enough,, The greenery of the landscape makes you breath freshly and want to do it again I don’t know how fast I type but this is good for a beginning. I should writie out stories. Ive never written a story and completed it besides those series when I was about 9 years old. Oh the how kids get things accomplished and you think to yourself well why couldn’t I do that and im here sitting thinking looking at the old self and why you just cant be like that courageous admirable you little version. Its frustrating growing old.. yes even in the 20s youere old compared to the 9 little twinkles of the years where  youre just inncoents don’t care or don’t know what people think or don’t self control ones self. Its good ti s good. Its all working out if God wills. I can just keep going on like this for another 4 minutes and I might end up with a nothing of something and then I m happy I do this on the pc so I don’t waste paper, cant have the rc or acg in the way blocking out my time and my WORDS this is precious this is freestyle, its like gliding in the sky with no care, no response no responsibibilties noever mind the grammar because chickens are good to harvest and eat, because theyre flueeing and then I don’t know what this mess I have in my page, I need to think of a theme, and stick to it, think of plot and then write it don’t care how it turns out and then maybe I can write all day long. The birds amaze me in the sky because I don’t know why I keep coming back to this the birds the birds they said writing about birds would give some inspiration but it doesn’t seem to be working. Pigs outside are no going to help you with the old farm you know. Sitting down in coffee shops is a waste of time let s me tell you how to not waste time. Get things done of importance and then think of what is next. I like the smeelll of books they smell like something between wood and liquorice but theyre not theyre paper and that is all I ahev for you this morning because 7 is a number and 3 is one as well like everything else we need to make for lnch and this makes no senses time ia almost up and I didn’t miss out on anything yesterday..


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