Non Essence 2

15 minutes

Theres green theres black and theres white, I love this combination of colours, theyre like a difference between a car and a motorcycle theyre all refreshing modern and something I like. I think so, and you? I need to keeo going cant stop cants stop warm up is always disadvantaging in the beginning but when you finish you appreciate the thing. I saw a little finger creep up the wall yesterday, falling down between mars and snickers. A hairy smooth leggings and some 6 a nd four people everywhere. Birds are all im not going to talk about today. The opening begins somewhere between 5 and 6 and then people come rushing out like mangoes in a box in a factory somewhere in asia getting plopped out into the truck that delivers them to markets and overseas, you see how they both resemble fingers and snickers with hair in it. I don’t know how im doing this but I decided that I might maybe do nothing for a while, but that helps sometimes you know, just keep swimming like dory says to nemo,. I like that movie, im worried I might get stuck and have to get up making a pause in this time and have to get up and stop the video editing im doin over in the corner but that’s okay. Mangoes and dory it is for now. Dory and nemo are a funny combination. Nemo likes nemo and that’s why she called herself after that fish for sometimes. I like the ocean the water you know ho w it all goes together, its night time somehweree the waves splashing crashing rocks somewhere. Cans of lemonade from husky visiotrs left to rhythm with the waves and its all everywhere rubbish cans, it ruin the things. You know.. or don’t you maybe I do but everyone does. Black is nice yellow can be added as well but I love the combination between green and black and then some white added it all makes something unique like the colou of my toothbrush or some sofa and wall matching. I want to make a cupboard and store papers and dishes in it because its better than leaving them lying about, I don’t know how people can go on for thirty minutes like this, but trust me it gets easier I tell myself. Point of view point of view, creative writing… blah. I don’t know but the secion I read last night on science and poetry kind of dound me a bit.. it doesn’t make sense and it tisnt true .. coming from prfossionals in their field so people think. I don’t agree. They should stop it. ^minutes left and there goes avg again interfereing as yertserday.. I hope to write a book a book a story at least doesn’t matter just do it do it.. I can begin maybe after I think of a smirky plot and then just start writing but not like this I can write with thinking I don’t have to stop. Feathers in a bowl make me shiver and wet hair is a like that too who cares what they have to say about such and such who makes the rules. I find it hard to follow certain rules. I like the free stuff like this this freestyle writing brain exercising. Pictures are good as well and description may help whriting is getting better , maybe. I don’t know why but I think I might have to leave. Why>>?? Because I feel suffocated in here. Its only the beginning! I know but, I have work to do. I thought you were felling suffocated. I am, and I have work to do. But only a few minutes , but I cant have a few more minutes I have to work and the bushes outside might stop me from getting to where I was sypposed to be…. But I know you need to go and that’s why I don’t know how to leave. And then smiling everytwherre prople look down embaressed that youre embaressed just stay and sneak out the pipe, and you ll be back home. No I don’t ill end up in the street but I know oh look Blue and white I like those colours as well, im almost 21 and I think im already 22 I feel old. But I can use my time wise to make up for lost years you know. 8 minutes minues 4 im bad at maths to go. I think this makes no sense but 15 minutes is getting somewhere and 1  6 is an adult but they say 18 and even before that. Pillows and ikea heart shaped ones are everywhere nowadays but my pillow is upstairs. And I don’t know why but that s is good as well old men and chimpanzees and guanas are sometimes on the news while others are as well I am very I don’t know pink pink colours s likes her Barbie and wants a Barbie or pirincess themed wedding shes only 3 ! what do we do what do we dooo. That night was cold. I moved around in blue and colollars and cuff but there were still peple cold. Everything was cold and then at 2 o clock I jumped into bed and than we were fast asleep my thing got stained with ice cream and meat juices, I tried to wash it out 15 minutes is up a few seconds left and then pink pantha sat on the window inside our tv and I watched him or is it a her I never knew but anywhay scuooooby dooo I s pathetic I always thought the things kids are given to watch oh.

12 minutes

She sits looking . but she isn’t looking at me shes just looking into a flat screen, and sees this young girl dressed in a white top and green trousers and then she speaks back to me how many of these are there and then we speak but I ignore her that is mean stop, pause. Getting old is ahrd. Oh the smell of croissants coming from the overn,.. arriving in april, june or the end of the year, and suitcases stocked the smell of breath fresh air youre heart beats heard by your own self grapes and green grasss. Oh the movie as well green garss we used to watch it eating cardamom biscuits and oh hes talking about roses, but pineapple juice iced full of sugar we used to watch instead of soing our school works. But those vacations when the morning came you could almost taste the apricot jam and toas downstairs the smell snuck up into my room and nemo would be awake outside.. running around with the younger one. She found a bone once. It was white dotted with splots .. he sighed I know he sighed because I heard it with the two ears. But it had meaning behind it and then she gets up to rescue the croissants from the oven .. I feel messed but on track and then they laugh. I find it hard to congest it all in my head. They sit watching as my grandfather speaks from inside the screen. And they comment… and he says theyre gone, everythings wiped out its true its true.. But what have you taken with you is the question its hsad its sad, I cant even compress the words to a full meaning but it sdoesnt make sence and then tiles and then the building. I wonder how theyre settling in the brother and his wife. It is as if it’s all a change but it is! And that’s why we re not here for that. I mangoes are growing .. The tress full pregnant at their 9 months about to trip and loose all their fruit babies. Like those games you know those pre kingergarten ones you would find in those kid themes  laptops with tree and dogs and a smiling girl in a yellow dress picking flowers. Coffee did I hear someon e say coffee.. it’s a sound echoeing coming and captured from how many years ago mayb 19 maybe more but it was coffee. From the voices of whome bodies whome are no longer here. It isn’t sunny btu the clouds cover the sunlight and no one is here except us three just like those 2 years we spent away. Those two years. Whenever I say those 2 years like that to someone it has meaning deep meaning. Maybe frustration maybe regret but it isn’t just 2 years it was a journey a change a nd growing up that is what It doesn. Growing up can be painful and change and all that stuff like a toddler teething. Its painful but who would want to stay with milk teeth for the rest of their life. Poor baby Y is , he;s tiny and like an insect , he’s funny and we can eat apples maybe on the grass or in the forest. Sewing a purple skirt or out walking and holding white flowers until he comes back and you have to go cook dinner oh yay work. And what is that behind you? Is it toffee. 8 days to go if God wills. Until next week. What you can Ido in 1 week is not waste time you see the beach is white and the sand is cream and peach. The birds are high and then low and then gliding. The people are everywhere but theyre just not to be seen because were hiding behind those forests. When Me and my brother you know that one younger than the older ones would sit on the harvested gorund and cown and sheeo droppings and  ules everywhere . we would sit down and talk to the old guy. The one with the morotcycle and then he would laugh and talk to us in English, ask us what so and so was and how do you say that in English. Being an ex soldier that is far from what you do in your job and maybe giina dnm  tanks and no I don’t kthink so, he has a house full of peach trees a 2 twin girls who would giggle and tumble on top of each other. Times up.

Sun silky clothes hanging from a bathroom. I don’t know what im saying im tired but too scared to sleep. I need to sleep. 9 birds left for Africa this morning. They look out of their cage as if barren I don’t know what ever..


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