Non Essence 3


Type | Freestyle/Prompt (A stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger)
Time | 10 Minutes

The doorway was alight and there in the boxes or behind them stood a shadow, was it standing was it slouching. I didnkt know. And I wont or will I. I took the right way but the lights flared and I made my way back to the whallway. Where I stood and glazed at this shadow. Was it him was it really him, I pondered I wasn’t scared I was fearful I could nt handle this. A spider and its baby took seats on top to left corner and dazed at me, giggling maybe. Or they knew I wasn’t in my own place. So I don’t know what to do, do you have any idea. The walls were crimson, and the sunlight made them look black, the sun lit up the hall, and then no shadows were seen. I stepped back minto an orange box, the ones with cockroaches bathing in them, the ones where you could see a hammock and a big sausage sized cockroach lieing down, not literally of course but you get what I mean. The floor; a big mess, of things, things little O swelt the whole morning creating, he wanted to build his city, said. But I don’t know what to do now I think. The shadow began to get bigger, like it was coming sloser but it suddenly left, And appeared to my right. I could see girls outside, they were playing, And S had my ring on her hand. The next day however I was walking towards the little airliner that was headed to tangier from spain, and I was holding the little girls hand – the motor of the aircraft blowing our bags, or it felt like our heads were about to blow off, and she turned to me and said mama, where she is. I want mama. No dear it s not the time for that now – I said pushing her forward. She knew what shed done. And then My memory sank back into the shadow last night, the sunlight in the afternoon and that spider. Cockroaches and spiders – no one liked them – I couldn’t stand the latter. They were all to tiny and had so much inpact. The weather outside looked like the grass was vibrating shiverish vobes through the cold. The eiling of this plane, and far away down the hall was a head of black coconut smelling hair. I couldn’t smell however I had a lavender scented liced out girl next to me. Why this Why that. Be quiet please.

We left early in the morning. Time went fast in the summer, and this sinister stranger had his head straight, looking towards tohe front tv, until I would turn away – the feeling of pairs of black eyes on you can hardly go unfelt. Even baby and little S clunched on to me when I would turn away perhaps it was the gaze. I felt disturbed and no one was going to help if things go tworse. We needed to leave through a different exit upon arrival. I couldn’t see him anymore once the plane touched ground. That makes it worse, like the spider when you see it and then no longer see it, where is it where is it, did it go down my back? And I wasn’t looking forward to seeing the people who looked at me in an unconscious glare- manner with spikes in thei cars like yabbi the cat back home. I was devaststaed. He came at the end of the cue and picked up a sewing bag next to me, he sat down on the couch – the on ethose head officers sit on and watch people standing in front of the cue – he started sewing, or knitting, what you call it. Towards the window, he looked out and gave a shy expression but whatever it was that face, that look – it didn’t hide the glisten from his hand. One the sun pointed out “”look something shiny” – of course it was my ring. Those girls, what did they do.


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