Notes from: 14 Prompts by Joe Bunting

the greatest tools you possess as a writer are your eyes – lenses, your
perspective, your paradigm (your widely accepted example, belief or concept)
You want to show people what/how you see

tools to help you escape the emotional cycle of writing:
Dont look at the writing (block screen, close eyes, etc)
Set a time limit
Take breaks

Keep writing to find your voice
Part of finding your voice is finding your particular balance with the 6 story elements (which all need to be included)

Action – Going ons (provides the conflict)
Description – describing (adds depth and paints a picture of the scene for the reader)
Dialogue – Talking (heightens that conflict)
Introspection – Thoughts (helps the reader relate)
Emotion – feelings (helps the reader relate)
Exposition – other info you to be known (puts the story in a greater context)
The cure to writer’s block is the worst sentence in the world.Because it frees you from perfectionism.

The true writer enters into wounds

People don’t need you to be perfect for them.
They need you to be so completely honest about yourself and the
world that they realize they are not alone. There’s someone out there
who gets it.
(There will


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