Moments Captured


Type:Freestyle with Prompt (Faraway)
Time: 10 minutes + edit time

Seven past nine the clock shows – birds atop a box of toys; old and new. A little child peaks from beyond the woods – half a comb and 40 flat breads sit on the benches. He squirms as an ant bites him, but laughs at the rose that tickles his cheek when he gets his nappy caught up on it. Child youre not to wear nappies at the age of 5! Old men running on the edge of a boat; heading towards the east coast where they will meet with their bosses and eat beans together. The waves get dark, yellow fluff falls on their shoulders. The moment is captured by the security camera, and given a twist in photoshop. A young man sits waiting for his mother in the waiting room. Faraway she sits on a ticking bomb, no one to be seen. The bees watch a girl kicking the broom with her legs. I want to be like that old man, the one who buys everyone something then tends to himself, or the helicopter that drops chips mid-air, or the little boy who jumps in at the last minute to help his mechanic father from under the heavy car. The birds twiggle their thumbs, I drink my tea, and everyone looks on at all the nonsense that comes around. Holding hands we dash to the corner – suspiciously. Whisper, whisper. We then leave and sit on top of a tree. The rocks drop off, like tears dripping. My cousin looks at me with straight eyes. “You’re growing my dear”. “What is this nonsense” I respond. Tea, in this weather, gets cold only after ten minutes. Are we there yet? When are we leaving? He’s coming! He’s coming! I looked absent. He tiptoed to the lounge, shut the door, and slouched in the cupboard to read an ikea journal of some Swedish inventor. She repeating after me: its giving milk! – we laughed at the glaze in her eyes after she saw me and her brother. Come let’s eat candy. We stopped at the icecream truck. An ant carried cherries to the fridge. We managed to fake a laugh, in awe of the dust and ice-cream stains on the bench – we heard the dove feet camping besides us on the window. It’s frustrating seeing the material shops, she says. I know but who would want material shops when we have storage cupboards of material – let’s go sew something my dear – alrighh…t. Let us do just that and have tea for a break as well. Maybe some forest cake with it, let’s stop and have some tea – her voice makes me giggle when I’m looking out the window. She’s a funny one. Alright how many seconds left? A few more. Taking action now..okay stop … not yet. Stop. No finish your toast, and lukewarm tea. I didn’t know where to look – night vision activated, shamefulness everywhere


One thought on “Moments Captured

  1. Amazing writing ability. Well done!

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