Type: Freestyle Prompt (Fake)
Time: 10 Minutes + edit
You get mad when trying to clothe a bin and it breaks the rubbish bag. Have the rubbish bins gotten fatter?  We crossed a dainty shop with turquoise fur sprawled out on the bench and then marched in silence with a friend, because there wasn’t anything important, say most of the time. The throne a teary bride rides, and flowers cut from their roots, lose meaning just as expensive weddings reduce happiness. Those lights went wild on the ceiling – even Koala wasn’t entertained. Eating in restaurants to be a part of class. Fake laughs, fake glitter, fake wood, fake smiles, fake warmth, fake food, so I fake out of the room in a mask. Trapped, you blurt out unnecessary speech, trying to mend your mouth back: that’s silly and confusing. Something to decorate the air with maybe. They pull back and you’re left with your words echoing away – strange.Listen, hear words escape deep pipes. A plastic tree, with cakes, hanging from its muscles. A taste you look for to share your disappointment with, and fill in the emptiness; something to soothe the moment; even if it’s just the moment, you’ll deal with Hard when it gets here. Where do you plan to go with silence?


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