Broken Swing

Freestyle: Picture Prompt (+ words: Broken Swing, Fog)
Time: 30 Minutes + edit

She dangled from one arm, which rusted away to join the other, and fog gathered in my eyes. The young man I met yesterday sits still on the bench looking towards the park, I took rest besides her. Red eyes beamed at my shadow. “A broken swing” the voice quivered, “ohh not the broken swing.”Calm down now, calm down.”I looked down to avoid eye contact, “my feet!”.  The apple tackled itself in my costume pocket, and Tubby flew out in rage – someone ate her food. She scattered gold bolts, and I got up to carry cartons of dried mint and chicken stock to my van that rested outside. “Should I paint you yellow?”Darkness crawled into a cramped tunnel, and my mother’s pickles sat atop the pink bench. I picked up my cup of tea. They thought I was getting younger, when I laughed. Should I have breakfast today?” The Siamese besides me smiled and rubbed its eyes. I browsed through an Ikea catalog, while the maid gazed through the mountains. “They said you have to take a break”… “My dear”, she began. It was about the nappy in the rubbish bin, which stunk out the living room. I looked out the window as well. A tree and a hedge sat together cornered by the cows. I parked my brain and felt at rest immediately. “Will you come with me?”
“No I can’t.” The fog worries them, after Pumpkin Time. It caused a quarter of the invitees to cancel their invite, and the rest to crash into barracks, and donkey carts – though the donkeys were away. I laughed; cloptyshoes stuck in mud; lifted garments, and families running back home. They came as a group; the doctor being the convoy. I stood at the high laundry door looking down at them. Most just continue and turn right into the claustrophobic tent.  The women in white looked back at me, ignored me, and took group selfies. I sighed deep down – my face pink from sunlight -, and looked back at her. She was doing her best. They both were. Was it such a bad thing? No. I hated to be in her position – getting shouted at through the phone and having to shout at the shivering DJ. They arrived with all kinds of colours from blue to green. I sighed again – loudly -and looked back ; we were late. I enacted all the gestures in my head that might come of this, afterwards . Was it a bad agreement, this late afternoon business? I patted my breast pocket. Blue satin – a sweetness of sweat. They became frantic “We need to get things going as soon as possible.” she confronted Koala’s mother. They needed to get back, before the doctor leaves. She showed me pictures on her phone and I chuckled. Is that you or your daughter? Why do you dress her up like that? And in this cold, what makes you dress up like that?! “Is that meat from half a cow?” I asked. I clear my throat; my tongue longs for vegetables.The screech went on for some time, until she fell through. A ninja paused in air.  She giggled and pointed at me.  I calmed down and sat with Koala in my laps. He got my beanie, but the rest were offered whatever I could find, apart from towels and huge blankets which were the warmest – it was too risky to make a joke out of myself at that moment. A peach sat shivering next to the 80’s machine – worrying about the snow, maybe. We got attention from the variety of faces, making me numb; which face should I wear? So I used Koala to my advantage when Nemo got me up. I decided to act responsible and experienced, or as if this was an everyday occurrence. The atmosphere swung right and left. Before any sort of eye contact, I rushed to a clap and smile position. “Why are they quiet” I whispered to Koala. He wiped his snot on me, and kicked the table. They picked at the ice cream dessert, heads dangling down, but I came back to stare at its beauty. Goat fat and powdered cream drawled down my top as we stuffed meaty legs into the fridge. Ay busied himself with the broom, after dragging in the straw-bag of leftover bread rolls. The trail of crumbs made En guffaw, and my stomach warned me of a tsunami.. We controlled ourselves, then crossed each other in the hall and roared out.
“Go to sleep” said A, trying to hold his laughter.  I left dragging along my emotions and a heavy chest. The man in the lounge nodded at me without noticing. I sighed, again,  and wondered what kind of tissue was in my pocket. Had it not been for green shoes, I would wear it.


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