Freestyle Prompt (Locked)
Time: 10 minutes + edit

My heart creaked, and my eyes darted left to right, right to left.Why wont you touch ground you gigantic bird? Trapped, high above prison level; I see toy houses, and maybe Indians going about their after-work chores, buying bottled water, and huge pots to cook rice in, the little farms with goats and people running about buying take away. I want a goat, or even a huge pot to cook rice in. Look at your aluminium and fake plumage, who even thought of making you? These were the moments my uncle feared and tried to prevent; if he was going to fall from the sky; he always wished he would have a heart attack,or faint, before impact, and would rather drown in the sea on a sinking boat. Drowning isn’t easy either. I want to feel the ground again – the more the plane dips to the right, I try to maintain a balance with my own weight – without my body layers enveloping -The clouds block views. I hear people down talking and people up talking,The ground the ground, what are all the good things I could do if we reach land safe. The engine played ghost. Far away, a parrot locked eyes onto something unable to move. When (N) used to lock the bathroom and sit in the bath for 1 and a half hours – when half an hour seemed eternity to me, I would sit at the back of the door, droopy eyes, the smell of burning head showers and the misty steam . The sound of murmuring men; I wanted my mother instead at that moment. After waiting too long, I sneak into the boys’ room, sniffing out the older one – my pillow forced to follow. I would climb into bed with him, and then the younger one would join. We giggled under the purple, green and white quilt gran made. The tap runs, the mist and robe strings dangle across the hallway. I’d race to the room, to not get locked out…  I didn’t look. Then we’d go to bed, creeping up to (N)’s bed by midnight, to annoy.


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