Fly Rummages

Freestyle: Prompt (Fly Rummages… )
Time: 10 minutes

A fly tickled his ear, but he didn’t move. The sun fell over his shoulders creating a shadow for the ants and lizards to supply provision for their little ones, in dark holes. I tried to keep calm. The street was empty for the mornings, but today it cleft happily like yesterday. His eyes seemed to be twinkling and he had a sheepish grin on his face, he was thinking. I cleared my throat as I came up to him “” yes?”” he jumped. I smiled and sat besides him, his velvet green jeans made me hot. What is it youre doing here today my dear? He looked around and then breathed and let out a breath of happiness or success. I looked at the bus arriving with workers for the company of Ticklez. What is it they say here, that flies are friends? He turned and looked away again. No. That isn’t true. I know, but what does it mean!. He smiled and looked back at me. Flies tend to carry oestrogen throughout the body and into each others nostrils. They say they have some odl sayings like that. I cackled. Was he trying to mislead me off the bathroom path. No my son, this is different to the saying I have back home. His golden clippers chained to his jeans tingled when he go t up and then sat down. He looked towards the downhill, where the foxes would run freely, and little blue house sat – he covered his eyes with his hand, You salute the foxes son? Haha I added. No. but they look gorgeous  in the sun, theyre orange hair turns red! He excplamed happily. I say, Do you like the croissants in the buckleham bakery? Or you prefer these ? I pointed to the muffin sign behind us. A pink old cottage which was entrusted to a Chinese retired karate man. He stooped his legs. There is too many sprinkles in here, I prefer buckle… what is it called? BuckleBerry Shop Bakery. Yes, ah, I need to catch my bus at 10 I must be late, I don’t know why but last night we had office at up north where people sing songs and mimic each other. This makes non sense. He tried to crouch behnd me when his bus arrived, so I kicked him and let out my big laugh warming to the children. He dazed in a joke and says bye bye mon per.! And waved to me as he jogged down to the sation with his thin jeans and jumper making him look far,. The bus was full of curly haired boys the age of 15 and he didn’t have curly hair this one, his hair straight and floppy. I calmed myself down, the summer heat sizzled at the rotten nails beneath me, and I at my eclaire peacefully. The little girl in a Japanese robe passed by, her hands in pockets and and her smile like that of a frog. I suspected her, but then looked away, and wrote something like 5 – 3 – 2. And then the police truck passed by, delivering bagels to the soldiers in the hut outside my home. You will not like such? I winked at the driver who threw me another bagel. That same fly calculated my crumbs and sat besides me, not on me this time. He must be full, the old ferero. (21.04.16)


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