Non Essence 5

Emptying the brain

Adidas shoes, the thought of you, or Orange is better than a blank page, however that is not true in reality. Sometimes when the page is blank it means silence, sleep, eating chips, dented eyes. My heels plead me to take the pressure off perseverance. Try to think of nothing. The screw sticks out of a curtain rod, curtains lost their colour, once yellow, now blank white with a fade of blue squares I breath in oil from the chips and breath out teas and tiredom.  Above, my eyebrows wrinkle, and eyebrows drowse.  I fall asleep the smell of a chili lunch trying to cook itself . Lipton tea too white and not enough milk – grass tea that tastes like lavender stems – I begin to flower before a chip climbs the pot in an attempt to escape.


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