Non Essence 6

Type: Freestyle Emptying the Brain
Time: 30 minutes

The lamps lit up the mountain. Ash scattered on the window door. Too many people would sit and watch. 27 men and 4 maids. The sad looking business men who just woddled along with their over used trousers and cake tins. The pilots were young; they would learn on these small flights. They experiment on us, but that’s fine.

No one cared until just before we touched ground, we ate our stomachs as the plane lifted. The small thing compared to a boeing 777 flew like a jet through the clouds. Is the door shut? Is it!? I wanted to eat my brain, or nod off to sleep like my mother. Im never going back on a plane. All the things I could do to avoid going back, or go back and never leave again. The sun plays hide and seek. I was frustrated, when the plane digs deep to the left I try to move to the right thinking that will balance it. I was always scared of toppling upside down as with the car when we travelling to somewhere and you have to go off road the highway, I hated it just like the cement factory – the fish could almost be seen inviting us into their waters. I squeezed my lungs, and pretended I was dead, like the cup of juice that wobbled with it all. I felt I needed to block out all my senses but my stomach would always give away the situation when it tickled and I almost laughed. The woman behind my brother screams the wing is on fire, and everyone looks talking to themselves, biting their lips and looking down. The hosts couldn’t be seen, they must have been sitting in their straps. The little girl baby snored in her shoe box cot, as if she were home. What I could see was mountains and the chilling terrain. The cars underneath – we would never feel the ground again, when you see the big waters and the clouds, you feel; detached. How could I.. I just want to feel earth again – like the captain in tintin when they arrive back on earth, he hugs the ground. I wanted those feelings to go, I needed to sleep. I slurped mango juice –  everyone was busy accounting themselves. Big people small people, ladies, men, no dogs and some pets perhaps but they were down. He was trembling in his cage, are we there yet are we there yet. 7 killing whales could be seen down , they’re big but now little fins pointed up. What if, was the phrase that electrocuted through everyone’s’ brains at once.. what if we have to touch these waters? What would we survive on in whale stomachs.. eat each other? This is daft. But when we landed it was as if nothing happened. Everyone left for their relatives or work, or house, or taxi drivers running after them for money. The heat of the refinery and desert weather catches every moments and packs it up. The water cold, and the juice sugary, and the biscuits make you feel happy and talkative. I felt down unto the side chair and found a green squirrel toy. Was he here? Were they here? Or was this from last time we were here? The sun goes away again. The smell of burnt cotton exposed to the young, and little people peaking from cages.

What is wrong with me? I like to talk but when they talk I look to the mirror and go: shush. I can feel a hollow hole getting bigger in my stomach the worst part is editing but don’t stop don’t stop this could be the worst sentence ever, and you don’t even know it, but that depends of course where it is located. What once was the best sentence can be at the same time the worst sentence depending on where its placed and how its used. Just  like food, or knives. She brought us ceramic ones from France. And we put them to test.  Im tired but I just woke up. This is warming up stage so its okay.  She stays in bed. Is something bothering her? does she feel like if she had all the time to herself she could improve her self? Is she a lot like me? We get depressed lose control and then cycle repeats/ Cancelled I read on the information card. Canceled? Why is that!? they only accept foxes on board. If you had orange hair with a tint of white you might’ve been able to. If you’d like we can hook you up onto another one. Please stay quiet until we give you back information. Thank you. The beep sound pricked my ego “No! you cant do this to me. I have to go.” and I will be late, and no one will, help, at that stage… Night came earlier than usual. I sat on the cheese crumbled step and ate my pencil. The squirrel inside my pocket peeked out and I poked its eyes . No I don’t need you testing my sanity. Go back. The white suits disappeared around the corner before I could capture. She blamed me for that and went in to play farm heroes. I studied the robes on the ground and picked up a pamphlet of a tire shop. Ah, squirrel. This time he was integrated in the tire.  I find it hard to believe sir. Sit down lets draw. We sat, and waited for her to come back. No one came, the pilot ate cheese bites and drank his mango juice in silence. When a cow passed he put his arm over his head and lifted his feet up in a 7 shape. We laughed at him and then they all left, taking thee white coats and robes with them. Back to the forest they said solemnly. The birds peeked through, were they related to squirrel or koala? Go away! I shut the windows and turned off the electricity so no one knows im there. I hid under the bed and finished off the pilots cheese bites which had a bit of his sliver. I didn’t think it was yuck, it smelt of mango juice, and peppermint flakes. What kind of diet do you have sir? None he replied abruptly and sunk back into his chair waiting for his turn to be called.  Lightning slashed its way through the hall. The lights turned back on –  told him he should put down his cup and go see what was gong on downstairs. No he replied abruptly. I m going to tip your cup over. Go, now!. The eighties hold many memories for him. Bix of chocolate stashed under susy’s bed. And who is susy, my friend? She’s the woman who tackles receptions on her own, this is becoming tiring. Meaningless. He took with him a bix of tissues. I could’ve stared at you all day, but Im not like them. I have some self respect and pity for others. Why would you say that if you actually did? A bad day I gave the benefit of the doubt as mother always says. But what brings you up here all alone, in the dark. Turn the electricity back, squirrel argued. No, go to sleep! You cant be awake, tomorrow you have exams, you have exams. I counted with my fingers to be accurate, like BD. He does that in his head though. Biology Chemistry Maths, uh, English. I don’t like them all. I want to be a cave splinter who carves wood into pieces of furniture.. You have to know maths for that! Shush squirrel, and go fill up my cup again – bring me some cheese bites as well, and before you think of returning, bring me their white coats. Doesn’t matter which. Bring them all if you like – we can play dress up!.. The pin code??? No. Not pink, pink is for girls – and black is for boys : (S) wanted her uncle to have aprincess themes wedding with pink and lots of aunties and girls around. I sighed and doodled on the  wall. This texture looks tasty in pink but I would rather go for mango juices and cheese bites. He came back the following day with grass flavoured cheese bites – and mike, a toy bear he had kept whilst in solitary underground. Why do you bring mike this morning? My dear no one wants any of that. The brown hair glittered orange in the sun, and he turned to see what other date pips he might be able to pick up. 9 8 7, he didn’t know the rest of the words. That’s okay, youre only little. Now go fill up my cup again. He left this time, leaving mike with me – no I didn’t want him. Are you going to take him away if I don’t come back? He looked faint.      No, why;d I do that little one?. Because I trust you he said. Okay.. that’s nice of you to think like that but I might drown him in my mango juice if he;s anything like you in the night. He giggled and hopped away cheerfully but I saw the tears drop, and felt hollow inside. No come back, im going to miss you. Don’t leave me! And wil we even try? Excuse me? What is this!.. I slipped under my bed and tickled the pillow to comfort me. We hugged and slept through the night. By daylight we were up and ready to do some diving. Bu there was no water so I tried milk and dipped him into my mango juice which went brown now – they say that means its natural so nothing could possibly hurt him, the snorkels I used were from my old late lump granny gave mee. Its disturbing and absent.



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