Page 51

Type: Exercise – Find the nearest book to you, turn to page 51, take the first sentence of the last paragraph, and use it as your first sentence.
Time: 10 minutes

“Now they have to lay out their words so that they can be scanned easily.”  –Creative Writing Coursebook
Sir you haven’t laied out yours yet. I jitted at his sudden bark, and moved closer m while sitting – the chair making a loud screech. He looked at me from under his moustache. And then with the thought I wasn’t worth looking at, he turned to the young boy besides me. You! His big chubby hands confidently placed down a piece of blue paper with a thud and airy nose. I winked at him and he laughed making his cheecks fold. I sighed and turned to look out the window. A man riding his bicycle back from the zoo, with the tied zebras trying to run to catch up with him. Their splinters jogged and he laughed cowardly. That is cruel. 6 to 3 in the morning he passes by my window, however today, he must see something different. I paused and tapped my chin unconsciously. They weren’t finished yet. “Why does it always take so long to get in and out of these cues”” I turn to see a younglin in dark jelly shoes, yes I understand your concerns, however the mornings are always full. This nonsense isn’t going to stop unless you throw a brick. I fainted at that point, but what is more important is no one noticed, They thought a tsetse fly had bitten me, they were everywhere, like a fly like fly. He looked forlorn when I arrived back. The black lilies were painted with yellow smiley faces – it must be the neighbour’s kids I mumbled to my headphones, as I tried to untangle esteem. This is mad. And then I see him carrying a projector and looking stubborn. Don’t look at me like that he said, brushing me with his thick blue jacket. I… Don’t. Im sorry!, I threw him an orange from my lunchbox and he cackled, I forgot the black lillies, and picked them for baddy boods visit.
“Come over when youre free, if you ever are” I called. He nodded with big teeth showing and carried on. The people on the sidewalk looked strange, belonging to another land. I touched them to see what they felt like and they screeched. I blushed. That’s okay, its alright. I sit down under a yellow umbrella made in Poland, and decipher the boys gestures down in the park. He had chubby hands, how did he write? I smeared my flue nose with the end my jacket, and got everyone ignoring me’s attention, I wished id never done that –  id appreciated being background noise at that very moment, but I was brought to stage, and unfinished cackles spit. I fit forlorn for the rest of the day, until I got back home with the black lilies and set them on the table, then made tomato soup for the three children.  I fed them pumpkin sticks in ice.


“Men and The Universe”
“There is in the pancreas a cluster of glandular epithelia cells for secreting enzymes that pour into the enzymes the pour into the intestine where three types of food are digested: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.”



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