Scented Butter


Freestyle Prompt (Disappointment)
Time: 30 min + edit

Who is this? Last year’s memories dried up.  “Well you could have come earlier” “I thought you should be asleep.”
He opened his gift; the paper was thrown onto the ground, and the keys were gone, I looked out the window and sighed. “This isn’t right.”
“You need to come home darling.” “Please, give me another chance.”
“My friend, you disappoint me!”
“but I’m old, and live beyond the blue hedge, besides the creek”
We peek through the crack to see lego men cutting down (AK)’s willow tree. “Come lets go”. “What about the cow?” I squeezed out of my chair and ran into the kitchen, to wash the 2 cups that sat on the bench. My heart frowned at the happy sponge bathing in the scents of lemon, and then the shopping arrived. I unpacked and put things away; croissants, peanut butter, shampoo, honey, bread (nice ones dotted with black and white seeds.) A packet of apple tart looked us all in the eye, and I hid behind Danish pastry, digestive biscuits, snickers, and bubble-gum. He drew out an enormous dollhouse for the kids, then some money. I don’t just eat at the time I’m hungry, I’m a civilized, much better person today than yesterday.
Then we all gather, laugh, and I envision the unblocking of my shower block ticked off my productivity list by morning. I wake up in the morning, and Koala arrives, I laugh and tickle him, then throw him on my back – easy stuff. Then he wakes up. I’m tired because I haven’t slept the entire morning. He’s cranky, and knocks my plate of sausages and spinach salad onto the carpet. I go red, and count the minutes.  Smacking my plate down onto the bench, I go for the rolls of bread – warmth, with a touch of butter, with the scent of her son’s perfume. The perfume (A) & (M) scenting the house before dawn. Or the airport – a smell of smoke and perfume entwined. You drag yourself around and then hop for a bit. After a while you sigh, it looks like no one’s coming, so you settle your hands down on the larder shelf. Fingers stick together like an illegal paw, and then grab onto red packets and rip them open, like the kitten, then the leftovers, and more bread and butter. We sit together eating our 5th lunch.
“Maybe Koala needs a nappy change” “wait I’ll ask him”,
“do you want your mother Koala?” “What is wrong with you, you’re moving!” , Sit down, and eat. Good boys eat when they’re hungry, they don’t turn their hunger into anger. I pull his shirt up and pinch his bellybutton, put him back and feel like time is ticking, the clock passes on its way with two tiny legs, im dreaming again that’s right. He looks at me then makes to the highway crawling  “Not the door!”, and plays with the latch. “one day… one day you’re going to close those fingers in the door” “ Now come back and eat more.” “Eat”… “Or go back to sleep.” He chuckles. “I’m serious” then he gets mad. We try to stop him from moving. He just wants to grow! We laugh, crunching on the last bits of a celery stick.

The disappointment when your hopes fly high, In a good mood, you plan this and that, tomorrow you wake up feeling cranky and have too much for breakfast. You become disappointed like you failed yourself. If that happens once or twice okay, though when it keep repeating same process, same outcome, you begin to slowly lose hope in yourself. I find nothing, when I set high expectations.

I waited out in the hail. People going about their daily chores in suits, and track suits; the kids running with white- berry flavoured milk cartons. I sigh and looked down. The drops made a snail hurry to the curb. I gazed at the sky, no one was flying from their crafts.

I remembered nemo. She needed a visit, so I hop onto the train, the kids poked me. I coughed, to cheer people up but no one stirred. You can ignore, but you can’t ignore this: Pulling the train stop, everyone jolted up. Settle down, kids. These little muffins, you’re not educated are you? The one with curly orange hair looked as if he was about to cry. I’m sorry ma petite.

My wife was supposed to be ordering me some boots from this online shops,  thought she was going to buy it as a gift, turns out purple pens don’t exist anymore .. What are you going to do about it?

Time is precious The cold makes you want to eat. Their faces – different decorated cupcakes, asleep under the door. With a mighty heaviness in your chest, you feel to vomit. The cycle repeats itself. Just because things are going well, doesn’t mean you’re safe, rather, you should take advantage and boost that productivity. Are you finished lecturing up there? “No…” He slid down the grease pole. “I don’t need to learn French, I mean, there’s cooking, there’s writing, there’s sewing, there’s woodwork.” I hide in a pit avoiding eye contact with productivity. I come to find the hole in the ceiling dry, maybe she is asleep, maybe she fell asleep in her chair, and might get a sore neck. He still sleeps with his beanie – I’ve stopped wearing mine to bed now –Water trickles onto my desk, now I need to pull back every time


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