Month Away – April (06.04.’16)


“Instead of writing down everything that happens in your day, give your day a twist by fictionalising it”
“Practise using the 6 elements of story: Action, Description, Dialogue, Introspection, Emotion, and Exposition”

A STRANGE strange thing happened in that supermarket. The woman pushed through with her daughter in law, holding her hand. “Your eggplants are expensive, son”. He got embarrassed and closed his eyes more than must, when he laughed. “No, no. Why would I sell you bad eggplants?””Ï didn’t say that, What i meant is I could’ve just waited and bought eggplants from a supermarket instead, if you don’t reduce the price”.
“We should go” her daughter whispered. “But we need to get the eggplants, you can’t make rattatouile without it.”
The market and carts were empty. A man in a berry jacket breathed behind them, as they argued about different substitutes for eggplant.
“I’ll take three” said the old lady, giving up.
Her daughter smirked. “I wonder where everyone is”
“You could say that”. They startled and turned. With his gold umbrella, the man avoided contact with them, and moved to their side. He filled his pocket with 3 eggplants. The woman glanced sideways at the man. “That’ll be 10, sir” He then turned to leave and  jabbed the lady in her stomach with the umbrella. then left. We looked back at him “The market isn’t even full!” she shouted after him. These people,no shame anymore, no respect. “That was weird” her daughter mentioned. “Are we finished?”   “yeah, i wanted to get some pumpkin, but im sure they’ll have it in the supermarket.” “come on”
they climbed into their white mini, slumped down, they had to sit on the new roses because there wasnt anywhere else to put them.. “I don’t understand what was up with that guy.” “why’d he hit me, there was everywhere to move.” “he was probably just the careless type, and didn’t even realise it.”. In the supermarket, the aisles were empty as well. the ladies were in a hurry, so they dashed to the frozen area, to get some frozen sausages.  “we need to cut out on this stuff” she began/ “i know youre the one who always buys them”. Just as the two parted to go different ways, in between them staggered the old man from the market. The woman exclaimed and looked at her daughter in law “What is it with this guy!?” … Two minutes later, the market began to crowd, buses arrived, and the police arrrived in tanks, rushing to the baking area. “gimme the one with sprinkles!” “I always have sprinkles on mine”. Something was wrong. We haven’t run into the middle of a film have we? laughed the daughter in law. A stump childish soldier gawked at the two “Go home”.
“No, this is funny” The woman said, darting to another aisle. “they’re fighting!” The supervisor came bustling through her aisle, to her joy.  “Father, can I help you!?” “Dear, go home!”. The old man carried on pulling the pout soldier by his arm.

Dream – It was a quiet afternoon, when I heard little voices.  The cruisers rocked against each other, and Milo marshalled his legos, behind the sweet pea bush. I left for my stroll 7 minutes ago, and walked to the end of the lane, where I came across an intact Orangina bathing on the bench.
“Who’s there?” I gawked through the prickles. A pair of Cars crocks peeked at me . Black trousers squiggled in the sand. The remnants of my oreo bar was spat out.  “Hover, is that you?”. “Y..yeth”. “What are you doing here?” . “Come out now”.  I stretched my hand

“I want Mywo” said Hover, stroking the branches. 

“Oh come on, you’re not going to find him here, silly ” I kneel down.
“Im sthcawed”.
They say kids love men, because they kneel to their height, or throw them above themselves. But in this case, his nappy fell off.




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