Month Away -April (08.04.’16)

IMG_1426Instead of writing down everything that happens in your day, give your day a twist by fictionalising it”
“Practise using the 6 elements of story: Action, Description, Dialogue, Introspection, Emotion, and Exposition”







 The sun gave away to everything they were doing, beyond. We watched them from behind the hedge.
“I think he’s trying to gather his chickens”. said Abby, tucking in with me.

“What did he say?” I asked. 
 He crunched the sand underneath him gave away like a an almond, then put his foot mistakenly down a snake hole. His legs swelled up at once.
“Oh no!” I hoped it was only a baby snake.
I dropped my water bottle, and then, well, he died, that night in hospital.
But was that all really my fault?

“You could’ve called a local at least.” said the Sargent, throwing up his hands and puffing his cheeks out.
“I mean, come on,” he stucked in his stomach “the builders are well trained in aid!”.
Then his left eyebrow began to climb higher “sure you didn’t bite him?”
“I’m not a snake, sir”.
“Why didn’t you try to suck the poison out of his legs?”
“I’ve never taken a course in first aid, sir”

The squad never liked me, or my friend. It was always praise for the builders. The builders, the builders, the builders. They sneered at me through the window, when I was driven away.
At home I went straight for the shower. Oh, let me just tell you what I saw there. The builders voices could be heard from my bathroom. They were still there. Crouching under the window, I peaked down at the toys. But then I hear my mother’s footsteps out in the hallway.
I had to


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