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Prompt – 5 Take Ten (She wasn’t supposed to be there)

“Write with the prompt beginning with: She wasn’t supposed to be there.”

She wasn’t supposed to be there. I hated how she interfered with me already although I was only one to mind my own business. It was only  – that’s what it was always like, things were changing I guess and I didn’t like it. Change, that is. Tickles, the new secretary with a nice haircut that looked rather delicious to me – a strawberry maybe, or was it a grapefruit –  had a weird shock of natural hair colour that made it stand out in a pretty way. Smelling like the egg yolk and honey shampoo that it wasn’t going to stop bragging about, I understood why most liked it more than me. The little office room felt cramped whenever it was present, as if it took its own space and a whole lot of mine. I had to carry out the plan I had in mind since it set foot in here, Jeff was beginning to change too much and that just hurt – it needed to go. There couldn’t be more than one us here. All the attention it was getting was really mine!  I was supposed to be it. Tickles got up occasionally off its bottom, like what, every 3 hours to go make  some coffee, but maybe when two ducks came flying in through the window things would change? I hoped.

Mounting my bike with old ma’s pastries I headed home early that afternoon, granted an early leave from Jeff who was probably just as relieved to see me riding away on my wonky mountain bike as I was of that building disappearing between the oak trees.  I’d told them I had to go run some errands for mother, which was partially true. Ronald would be selling his newly fashioned costumes and outfits for the upcoming summer markets on his roadside shop, and that was where I’d be heading. I needed a bear costume and honey bars to bath my tense muscles and eat. Well the bear costume was for Larkin’s wedding tomorrow – I did remind myself of a bear sometimes. The lad at the counter gave me a special one for my kind words, who only started this erratic business by selling tissues to travellers and pass-byérs at the age of 9 – makes me overthink my own problems.

A sly smile cracked my lips, beginning to see everything that was going to go on tonight before it actually does.. You know, it’s a good thing to suck and marinate your plans, before you go ahead with them. Mesmerise is the word I think.  Now I didn’t have crooked teeth but a bit of mint clung to my middle tooth – that would match my doings and feelings at that moment.   And I didn’t even attempt to remove it or get ashamed of it, like most would do. I went straight home and started to mix the ingredients I’d bought, as if I were making a cake for visitors. Well maybe I was.


This is an exercise best done quickly. It can double as a poem” – Ali Smith, Creative Writing Workshop

Write down the first image that comes into your head.

Rocking O.W to sleep; tensed little muscles turning into a soft snore

Write down the first emotion that comes into your head.


Write down the first line that comes into your head.

Pickled sausages are good

Write down a different emotion.


Write down a different first line.

The bushes of the wild forest gave away his blue skin

Write down a different image.
A carrot driving a spaceship

Write down another first line.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched them take it away.

Write down another emotion.

The heavy, caked feeling begins to sink in

Write down another image.

An elephant laying down on a pool chair enjoying the Moroccan spring breeze

Write down an image that is an emotion (i.e. that will act as one).

I was sitting at the table at the little kids eyes watching my every move.

Write down a first line that is an emotion (i.e. that will act as one).

When the heart goes knock knock

Write down an image that is a first line (i.e. that will act as one).

I felt warm sitting besides kitty Pedrr

Write down the emotion without mentioning the emotion.

Tips of lips curving into a smile 

Write down a first line that’s nothing but image.

Big, black bulls rushed in on the Chinese tourists 

Now remove the image (so that its absence can be felt).

Crushed bodies were everywhere.

Can emotion ever be removed from image?  Nope
Can image ever be removed from emotion? Na uh
Can you have a first line of a story, poem, anything, without emotion or image? Noo